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"Bridging the gap between specialty coffee and the home user"

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Cold Drip System


The DripLab Cold Drip System is a cold drip brewing device created to provide a simple and affordable home-brewing solution for coffee lovers. 

Cold drip brewing methods produce smooth, clean coffee, free from the acidity and bitterness often found in espresso coffee. 

Cold drip coffee is easy to drink black over ice, or can be mixed with milk for the smoothest iced coffee you'll find anywhere. Let's not even mention what it can do for your espresso martini game...

If you're already a cold drip coffee fan - you can now brew your own at home with The DripLab. If you're not sure what all the fuss is is about - get in touch, and we can fill you in!

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Brewing Techniques to Take your brew to the next level 





Andrew Harris is an absolute coffee nut. Always researching, experimenting and tinkering to improve the coffee he is brewing. He is passionate about learning everything there is to know about coffee, and passing on the knowledge to everyday home users - so that you can share in the experience of amazing coffee too!



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