My Story

Welcome, I'm Andrew Harris the creator and developer behind The DripLab.

Once a chef who sneaked out of the kitchen to make his own coffee at the restaurant’s café, I battled the baristas at their own game improving my latte art and espresso skills. Now I’m a coffee professional specialising in cold-drip coffee.

Even though I was a chef for 10 years, I knew I had my industry focus a little wrong. Hey, I loved cooking and still do, but speciality coffee was always my calling. There is a certain feeling, a sense of reward when people enjoy my cuisine. I still have this feeling but from my coffee brewing, and even more so when I have the opportunity to explain or teach someone a new technique that helps their brewing. 

Driven by passion and almost completely self taught (research, books, trial and error), I got my hands on any and all coffee brewing gadgets, started purchasing green beans and roasting coffee, growing coffee trees and (un)successfully harvesting the cherries. Ha, we learn from our failures! 

From these experiments I quickly learnt that speciality coffee was in fact a profession - customers were starting to tell the difference and appreciate speciality coffee. 

I transitioned out of cooking and into the speciality coffee scene, makingthe move from Queensland to the speciality coffee capital, Melbourne! I landed my dream job that provided me opportunities and a supportive environment to develop my skills and improve my knowledge even further. (Thanks Padre coffee, love you guys xoxo).

I feel information should be shared with everyone and not held onto. This led me to starting “The DripLab” and to the development of my first brewing product: The DripLab Cold-Drip system. I started by breaking down the process of cold-drip, understanding the science behind cold-drip brewing, the solubility of bean choice, roast development, water stability etc, and then developed a cold-drip unit drawing influences from my first cold-drip system. 

What I want people to know is that brewing is for everyone!!! Hopefully you will be able to find some useful information on this site. I will endeavour to filter the technical data and provide you with information in a format that is relevant, easy to understand and practical to use at home or in the café.  

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Let’s explore this wonderful world of Coffee together….