Cold-Drip Brewing Instructions 

Important care instructions, please read carefully:

  • Do not over tighten the water tap holding nut, this only requires gentle tightening. Over-tightening will damage the nut

  • If removing water tap for cleaning, be very careful and re-lubricate with non toxic petroleum jelly

  • Ensure water pathway is clear and unobstructed by excess lubricant, this will affect the drip

  • Hand wash glassware prior to brewing

  • Always handle glassware carefully

Let's brew!


  • Coffee 90-120g (medium-coarse grind)

  • Filtered water 1000ml, at room temperature (see advanced notes below)

  • 1 x round filter

  • 1 x rectangle filter


  1. Remove coffee chamber from stand

  2. Fold and roll rectangle filter, insert into spout

  3. Add coffee and tap gently to level grinds

  4. Using the round filter paper, press gently creating a dome

  5. Return coffee chamber to stand

  6. Fill water vessel

  7. Set drip rate 1 drop every 2-4 seconds

  8. Wait 6-10hrs

  9. Refrigerate brew

Cold-drip produces a concentrate. 1 part coffee / 2 parts water or milk. Add plenty of ice to create delicious iced long blacks, iced lattes, or iced coffees.

Adjust ratios according to taste preference.

Simple sugar syrup for sweetened drinks. 2 parts sugar / 1 part boiling water. Keep refrigerated.


For more advanced techniques and information - check out the advanced Cold-Drip Blog!